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Sports / deep tissue massage sessions stem from a variety of techniques. Basic techniques are Cross fiber, Range of motion and Stretching, Compressions, and Stripping movements. Depending on the client’s goal, sessions can be categorized as Pre-event, Post-event, and Recovery. Any specific injuries or issues will be addressed prior, your session will then be planned accordingly to utilize all possible treatments and protocols to optimize a successful outcome.

Pre-event sessions are within 4 to 24 hours prior to an event or contest.

Post-event sessions are within 2 to 24 hours after an event or contest.

Recovery sessions are the most common. These sessions are administered at any given time to recover from daily workouts and training blocks or to address any injuries to promote faster healing.
Deep tissue sessions are customized to the client’s comfort level and communicated wishes. Keoni will discuss various techniques of deep tissue massage and formulate using his elbows, fists, forearms, and any tools to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of the client.

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